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STAGES at CCC’s COMPANY More Amazing Than Ever

by Jack Shaw, STAGE Magazine


Maria Panvini as “Amy” was simply amazing with her terrified bride rapid-fire song.


STAGES at CCC’s Production of AVENUE Q Gets a Triple A

by Jack Shaw, STAGE Magazine


Maria Panvini (blew me away) –she gave “Kate Monster” and “Lucy” believable puppet lives.


A 'Grand' affair as theatre reopens

by Sally Friedman, Courier Post


The play stars Maria Panvini as Tracy Turnblad, the plus-size teenage girl who yearns to dance on the American Bandstand-style “Corny Collins’’ TV show despite her size.​

Panvini was once discouraged from her chosen theater major at Rider University by a dean who predicted that she wouldn’t make it in theater, partly because of her body type. “It took me a long time to get over that experience, but I’m healed now, and enjoying an exciting career,’’ says Panvini, who loves the part of Tracy.

“Like Tracy, I’ve become more accepting and comfortable about who I am,’’ says Panvini.


Spelling Bee - Eagle Theatre

"Panvini and Weagraff make for a hilarious Odd Couple with Panvini showing off a stellar singing voice throughout the madness."  

"Right from the start of the show I was enamored by Rona Lisa Peretti’s (Maria Panvini) depth of character and powerhouse voice. It’s the little nuances and facial expressions that set Panvini apart from your average actress."​​​

School For Wives

"Filling out the farce are the rascally servants, Alain and Georgette, played by Tim Rinehart and Maria Panvini like a top-billed Vaudeville comedy team. Rinehart & Panvini give us comic timing like championship mixed doubles, knocking their play about with total commitment to every whacky choice they make."

Trojan Women

"Panvini steals the show with her amazing performance as the tortured Hecuba. The power in Panvini’s portrayal as a woman with nothing left creates an emotional and unsettling experience for the viewer. When listening to Panvini crying for help, you cannot help but feel the painful anguish that she is going through. Even when Panvini isn’t speaking you can see her in the background desperately weeping, seeking to hold onto something that just isn’t there."

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